Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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I'm so grateful that this option has been available for me to share.  Well glory and praises to God because I've been blessed with a completely new location to share.  With the upcoming release of my second novel and the other books coming soon, I have a new website: themastersartist.com.  Please come there for my blogging and information on soon to be released works.  Thank you all for your support and I hope you will continue to follow me as I follow Christ and share all I learn on this journey!!  Check me out at themastersartist.com

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

                Freedom and education were top on her list of things to accomplish.  Chimere Royle and her best friend, Kelly Hope, leave rural Indiana for the explosive excitement of one of Atlanta’s Top historical Black Colleges.  At twenty-two and on the cusp of reaching the goal she’d worked so hard for, Chimere Royle learns not all attention is good.  Afraid to sleep and sure no one would believe her if she told them what happens when she closes her eyes.
                Seeking relief and answers Chimere embarks on a journey leading her to finding love which changes her life and sends her in a new direction.  Her marriage to Medan Freeman and moving to California opens up a path which takes her into a deeper understanding of and love for a God she never knew.  Finally, having freedom from the fears that haunted her.  With life on the Central Coast of California offering a tranquil background to raising her family.  Getting tremendous satisfaction working with Felicity Freeman and young unwed mothers, discovering her capacity to love was greater than she ever imagined.

                A 25th Wedding Anniversary began as a weekend of celebration; turns into a night of fear and a true test of faith for the Freeman family.  Now, unable to tell anyone what’s going on with her eyes closed; Chimere diligently seeks God to help bring her family back together.  Not even in her wildest dreams was this the way she thought a loving God would operate.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Maybe, no more...Possible,Yes!

I refuse to be fearful of the wars and rumors of wars, because God warned us this would come. I for one will remain focused and unmovable in what God has for me to do. To remain strong in my faith, although it may be just a mustard, it is enough for me to trust Ps 91:10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

For years I refused to read the last book of the bible because it seemed to be filled with a horrible ending to what I thought I cherished. I thought this life was important and for long time my only goal was to prove my mother wrong about who she said I was and was not going to be.

I was blessed to be able to hear her change the words she spoke over me as a child. Believe me this was such a remarkable moment for me, it just hurt it was as she was dying before I was healed of some of the deep wounds she had inflected upon me as a child.

Forgiveness was never an issue because no matter how she treated or felt about me, my love for her was greater than the pain. What I didn’t understand at the time was all she had done was strengthen my resolve to prove those words to be lies. I wanted her to love and be proud of me.

So I pushed past the hurt the best way I knew how, which wasn’t always with the best tools. In my efforts to prove I was worthy of love, trustworthy, and would amount to something, the Lord called me out of the hole and changed my thoughts towards words spoken into my life.

While I studied this week I kept hearing the word maybe. Then I asked what is that all about! I know maybe means there’s possibility. I know even if the word is split into two words it still means there’s possibility. So I let it marinate through the week and then this morning I got a word that maybe no more! I got confirmation that it will be. In my lifetime I will see the blessing of my Lord and Savior!

I do not fear the prophetic words of John, but I look forward to them because I have faith that God sees me the way he created me to be and the last days will not be a worry for me because Jesus is returning for me soon! To take me to the best dwelling place where I will spend eternity at His feet in worship.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Delayed, but not forgotten!

Due to all my technical issues, this was actually supposed to be posted on the first.

 Last night was a hard one.  I had so much on my mind and heart.  The thoughts of the things not going well was weighing on me I could barely sleep.  My usual quiet time was LOUD because of my crying out for relief. So many things I am trying to understand about this walk.

One thing I will never have is the mind of God.  When I finally got quiet I felt in my spirit God was reminding me the cares of this life were not my concern.  The burdens I was carrying were of my own volition.  I picked these things up because I want them fixed.

For years I’ve said and had said to me “God will never put more on you than you can bear.” For the first time in all my years of claiming to be a Christian, I get it.  The things I’m carrying are because either I grew weary in waiting or felt God hadn’t heard my prayers.  I’m, unfortunately, a problem solver and my frustrations comes when I alone can’t fix the problem and God is taking more time than I want or think I need.

It used to irk me when people would tell me “It’s all in God’s timing, not yours.”.  Another downside to the marvelous age of technology, is wanting instant answers and instant fixes.  I have even said at times I think God needs to have my watch cause His timing is out of whack.  Especially, when it was the eleventh hour and my problem had overtaken me.  My knees couldn’t even withstand the pressure.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

GOD the CLEANSER! Start with me!

SO, Lord if this is the call you’ve placed on me, lead me in the direction where I will be able to do this task. I don’t feel worthy, especially when I think of the ones that seem to be keeping me from being where I should be. I suppose the best place is to start with Alexis and her issues.

I want to serve you and I have asked this time and time again. HOW?? With all the struggles I’m facing, how am I going to give you my best. It’s not hard serving an unseen or unheard God, but those who judge on what they see, will not trust me unless I can demonstrate I am the one you are using.

I would love for my gift to be healing, but freeing people is a good thing. We have invited the devil into so many areas of our lives, including me. I have tried to shake some of them, but the hold is much stronger in my mind then in my body.

Then again it is something about me and dreams this last couple of years and God is making me pay more attention to them. I know some of them are for me, but help me to know the difference! Seer of my heart and reader of my thoughts, help me to make the right choices in serving you, Oh God, my savior Jesus!

For this moment we stop in the midst of this tragedy (attack in Paris) to seek God. How crazy is it the God we have pushed out of our schools, government and some of our homes;becomes necessary when something horrible happens and lives are lost? What is upsetting is there are lives being lost at home because of drugs and gangs, but we don’t feel the need to stand against the harm being done to ourselves.

We all know some countries depend on the weakness of Americans to gain wealth. Time to restart the war on drugs, to take it to the throne and pray for our NATION! We are to the outsiders a spoiled corrupt people who indulge in the flesh too much. All the things hidden are now being revealed not just because it’s the work of the enemy, but because it is way past time for real prayer warriors to start asking for the right things.

It’s awful that there are ruthless people all over, but we have let enough into our walls and now they are our own to deal with. I love we are a nation of concern, but it's time now to turn inward and get our houses in order. So my personal quest is to purpose to stand strong in righteousness and proclaim every place I set my foot the demons will have to flee. All of this has to begin within me! Prayer for the world as a whole. More so to direct my prayers to the areas in our nation that have been neglected by even the church. Yes, these places are ugly and dirty, but God is the best cleaner in the universe!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Cha-cha Changes with a Little Pain

I’ve seen many seasons come to an end with the joy of knowing there will be the beginning of a new one. For some reason this season in my life has made me take a long look at where I have been and opened myself to the possibility of where I am going.

My heart is heavy and my eyes burn from holding back the tears. Because I am looked upon as strong, no one sees the hurt that comes with each good-bye. I keep telling myself this change is positive, but in my heart it hurts to think about some of the fractured and broken relationships I left behind.

I’ve become very accustom to change, but just because things change doesn’t mean I am ready to accept them from the start. I will have to adjust. Knowing it’s more about the newness that is coming and looking back I can smile and even chuckle at the times of the past.

I can’t even say I haven’t changed, because I know I have. In these last five years I have changed tremendously. I have learned to not pick up the phone to call my Mom. I have learned some people I love are still bitter and angry about past instances, disappointments. I have accepted, well sort of, my sons are grown and our relationships are very different. (Kind of useless to tell a grown man, even though he came out of you, what to do.)

I’m learning every day to accept that this walk I will have to do solo. I have many people in my heart, some who don’t even know I still care, but in my space they are just not there. I have learned how to be flat broke and still manage to find something to keep going for.

So today, this season of change is not one I wanted, but I know in a very short time I will move onto the next shifting God has planned for me. That’s all for now – need to work on next publishing project. The only thing I know for certain is God will not and has not changed. As the elders used to say – Hold on to God’s unchanging hand!

Thursday, November 5, 2015